Monday, April 6, 2009

Does the Magic Trick?

The magic that you see magicians performing today is really truly amazing. It seems like every year the bar is being raised to put the challenge on the rest of the magic community to come up with the next “big thing”. Magic shows are getting bigger; they’re getting more elaborate; they’re getting extreme. But is bigger always better?

Think about it. What would you rather see, David Copperfield on stage performing one of his unbelievable elusions with all the lights, pretty assistants, and fire and smoke or some ordinary Joe walking up to you on the street and asking you to pick a card, any card?

What’s your first reaction? Of course, who wouldn’t want to go see David Copperfield? He is the man, well known for all of his mind blowing magic that he has performed on stage and seen by millions on TV. Hey, if I was asked this question, I’d be the first to admit, I would choose David Copperfield in a heartbeat.

But let’s take a step back and think about this question, David Copperfield or Ordinary Joe. You’ve got the glamour versus the struggling street performer. Why would we choose Copperfield over Ordinary Joe? Is it because we know what Mr. Copperfield can do and we know whatever he does is over the top and we will enjoy it? Most likely, but what about Ordinary Joe? Why not give him a chance?
If you really think about it, do you know what this Ordinary Joe can do? Nope. So maybe it may be more exciting to see what he can do over Copperfield. Just maybe this Ordinary Joe has something that you and the rest of the world have never seen before. He may even have the next “big thing” in magic.

Maybe Ordinary Joe isn’t so ordinary after all. Now that I have put this perspective into your mind, I’ll ask the question again, Copperfield or Ordinary Joe? It’s still a tough sell, isn’t it? We are still drawn to the glamour and lights of Copperfield because we know what he can do, he is a proven entertainer.

You may be asking yourself, so what is the point in all of this? My point is that David Copperfield use to be that Ordinary Joe and now look at him. He is far from ordinary. So next time, take the time to give that Ordinary Joe a chance to show you the magic he can do because he could be showing you the next “big thing”. In the end, magic being performed by some one on the street or on some big stage, it is still magic and that’s what counts.

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