Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ISLAMIC CROSS STITCH Free: Sketch of Ka'bah

SCE002 sketch of Holy Ka'bah Assalaamuallaikum. Alhamdulillah, I finished making this pattern. My sister Wein had stitched this design two months ago and now she still working on the colour version one. We must hurry, since we want both of them in our town fair next august. Yes, in Indonesia we celebrate the independence day with many local dan traditional events, and my sister and I decide to prepare for our first "exhibition" in town fair, LOL. Just a plan -- insya allah we will be ready and Allah grant us the opportunity. Amiin. Now about the pattern. It use 19 colours, on 14ct fabric the finised design with the frame (thin one) is about 26 by 34 centimetres. Without the frame, [GRIN] you can use the cross stitch calculator on the right sidebar of this blog. Since the pattern use threads in close gradation colours, to avoid wrong colour due sight problem (at least for me), I made the pattern in very plain form. Only using letters and numbers. However, my sister prefer the coloured symbols on the pattern. Therefore, here I have two version of the same pattern. Choose what you think easier, or grab them both if you can't decide. No problem, both are free. [SMILE] Detail
Item Code SCE 002
Title Sketsa Ka'bah (BW) or Sketch of Ka'bah (BW)
Size 130 X 170 stitches (wide by high)*
Floss 19 Coloures, DMC cotton**
Picture Source
Price $ 0.00 >> GRATIS, FREE DOWNLOAD!!
Download Link Coloured Symbol [PDF 158Kb] or Plain Symbol [PDF 98Kb]
* size of finished design depends on fabric counts ** see here for thread conversion chart
Pattern Snapshot
SCE002 pattern snapshotcolored symbol pattern
Nah, I hope you like it and this posting bring manfaat for us. Wassalaam. Please contact us about broken link(s) or any problem in getting the pattern(s). Thank you.



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